Is RV and marine antifreeze the same?

RV antifreeze is designed to be pumped into the plumbing system of an RV and is therefore non-toxic, like marine antifreeze. In contrast, auto antifreeze is toxic and should not be used in your boat engine.

Can I use RV antifreeze in my boat engine?

RV antifreeze and marine antifreeze are chemically the same. For most parts of winterizing your boat, RV antifreeze can absolutely do the job for a boat.

What is RV and marine antifreeze?

Marine and RV Antifreeze. … PEAK® RV & Marine Antifreeze is formulated for winterizing all types of potable (drinking) water plumbing systems. This product can be used full-strength to winterize boats, recreational vehicles, trailers, vacation homes, swimming pools, and a variety of other winter storage applications.

What type of antifreeze is RV antifreeze?

PROPYLENE GLYCOL – This type of antifreeze is only available in RV shops. It is non-toxic and the safest for all types of RV plumbing. This antifreeze is non-flammable and does not taint water systems.

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Can I use RV antifreeze in my hot tub?

For safety, never use an antifreeze containing Ethylene Glycol—the kind you use in your car—in your hot tub. It’s toxic. A long funnel for pouring the antifreeze into narrow openings.

What is the best marine antifreeze?

SPLASH is top-tier marine antifreeze for colder climates because it safeguards against temperatures as low as -50°F, and it’s a safer nontoxic option for use around children and pets too. Impressive -50°F antifreeze protection. Biodegradable.

What’s the difference between RV antifreeze and regular antifreeze?

RV antifreeze differs from regular motor antifreeze, not just because it’s non-toxic. These are meant to be put directly into the plumbing system. A good way to tell if it’s RV antifreeze or car antifreeze is the color. … Some antifreeze only keeps the freezing point lower, while ignoring the boiling point.

Can you mix different brands of RV antifreeze?

Southwind and Camco are the same product by the same manufacture. So, there is no difference. You’re good to go.

Is RV antifreeze safe to dump on the ground?

You should not dump RV antifreeze on the ground, even if it is non-toxic and biodegradable. As it is a still chemical material, dumping RV antifreeze on the ground can be harmful to the environment on many levels.

How good is RV antifreeze?


Most RV antifreeze is safe for drinking water and won’t harm animals. Also, most are made of biodegradable material so they won’t have any negative effects on the environment if they accidentally spill, leak, or are flushed down a sewer system.

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Is blowing out RV water lines vs antifreeze?

It must be removed with air pressure or antifreeze after the tanks have fully drained. To use air to blow water from the system, connect an air compressor to the incoming fresh-water connection on the RV. If the RV has a hose reel, blow it out also.

Will RV antifreeze hurt you?

Is RV antifreeze safe to drink? RV antifreeze is definitely not for your bloodstream. Hence, Propylene glycol-based is safe to swallow (only a little) as long as the label on the container or bottles states it – but don’t! There is no 100% guarantee that it won’t bring harm.

Is RV antifreeze toxic to pets?

Antifreeze or ethylene glycol is a common winter necessity for many people in the fall and winter months. While it helps keep pipes and cars from freezing, it is a toxic and sometimes lethal fluid for many animals, including dogs, cats, poultry and cattle.

Should I put antifreeze in my hot tub?

Yes, you can put antifreeze in a hot tub if you are closing it down for the winter. Winterizing a hot tub prevents pipes from freezing and bursting when the temperature drops well below zero and antifreeze can be used in this process as long as no one uses the hot tub once it’s been added.

How do I get rid of antifreeze in my hot tub?

To clear antifreeze out of your plumbing, partially fill the hot tub with water, run the pumps for a few minutes, and then drain. Reconnect the pumps and heaters, open the air-bleed valves, and close the drain valves. Refer to your owner’s manual or call your spa dealer for any questions you might have.

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