You asked: What should I wear on an RV trip?

What should I pack for a week long RV trip?

Linens and Towels

  • Bath towels.
  • Hand towels.
  • Face towels.
  • Bedsheets.
  • Blankets.
  • Pillows.


What do you need for your first RV trip?

Unlike trips where you plan to stay in a hotel, an RV trip requires packing more than just clothing. Depending on the terms of your RV rental, you may need to pack bed linens, towels, pillows, pots and pans, cups, silverware, and anything else you need on a daily basis.

How do you pack clothes in an RV?

2) Put a Hanging Shelf in your Closet

A hanging shelf like this one can give you much-needed space to put sweaters and t-shirts. Many RV closets are not tall enough to fit a 5-shelf hanger, but a 3-shelf hanger like this may be perfect for you.

How do you pack an RV like a pro?

8 RV Packing Tips For Beginners

  1. Make a List of Necessary Items Based on Daily Activities. …
  2. Safeguard Your Plans With The Dyrt PRO. …
  3. Bring Some Entertainment. …
  4. Plan Your Meals and Bring Food With You. …
  5. Bring Basic Tools, But Don’t Over Do It. …
  6. Dump Tanks Early and Often. …
  7. Pack Light and Evenly. …
  8. Leave The Breakables At Home.
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How do you pack a long trip on an RV?

RV and Camping Needs

  1. Flashlights and headlamps.
  2. Refillable water bottles.
  3. Clothes (be sensible)
  4. Sunscreen and insect repellant.
  5. Camping chairs.
  6. Deck of cards.
  7. Outdoor rug.
  8. Smart phone or tablet.


Can you use regular dish soap in an RV?

The dish soap and water will help control odors and assist in cleaning the tank. … If it starts to break-down and fall apart within a few seconds of being in the water it is suitable for use in RVs.

Is it cheaper to rent an RV or stay in a hotel?

RVs are becoming the new norm in the travel industry, and it’s not hard to see why. According to Condor Ferries, and TripSavvy It is cheaper to rent an RV than stay at a Hotel. In Fact, you save between 20% – 60% in travel costs when you Rent an RV over staying an a hotel or traditional vacationing options.

Can you poop in RV toilet?

Yes! You can in fact poop in an RV toilet! There are some simple maintenance factors that go along pooping in an RV Toilet to prevent backups and clogs.

What does Boondocking mean?

Boondocking, to us, is the opportunity to camp off-the-grid, far from the services and amenities that can be found at RV parks or developed campgrounds. It’s a quieter way of camping, one that often lands us in beautiful destinations for days or weeks at a time.

What should you not pack in your RV?

What Not To Pack For Your RV Vacation

  • Canned food. Seriously, you’ll never eat all the emergency supplies you’re tempted to hoard in your RV. …
  • Electronic items. This includes laptops, tablets and video game consoles. …
  • Kitchen appliances. Keep your meals simple. …
  • Fresh water. …
  • Firewood.
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What should I put in my RV kitchen?

RV Kitchen Accessories

  1. Berkey Water Filter. You will need filtered and clean water when camping in an RV, camper, motorhome, or even a pop-up trailer. …
  2. Instant Pot. …
  3. Espresso Maker. …
  4. AeroPress. …
  5. Cast Iron Skillet. …
  6. Immersion Blender. …
  7. Collapsible Strainer. …
  8. Collapsible Measuring Cups.


How do I stop my RV from shifting?

Tips for keeping items secure while your RV is in motion include:

  1. Use nails or screws for wall items.
  2. Try velcro strips or 3M Command strips.
  3. Install hooks.
  4. Clear off your counters.
  5. Check latches on cabinets and drawers.
  6. Bungee cords are your friend.
  7. Line shelves with non-slip mats.
  8. Store items in plastic containers.