You asked: What do you need to register a camper in Massachusetts?

Do you need a title for a camper in Mass?

According to the current owner it was never titled and a title is not required in MA for a camper.

How do I register a trailer without a title in Massachusetts?

You can register it with just the prior owner’s registration if it is from outside MA. If from within MA, the prior owner will need to file for a duplicate title.

Do you have to register a pop up camper in MA?

Looks like you do need a title, but don’t have to transfer title if the trailer weighs less than 3000 pounds. Also, your insurance agent may know as well, since apparently, they are part of the registration process in Mass.

How much does it cost to register an RV in Massachusetts?

Mass registration is for a “camper” and is $50 per year. Size does not matter and can be a trailer or motor home. Sales tax if purchased from a dealer is based on purchase price less any trade in value. Same as if you bought a car.

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How much is tax title and registration in MA?

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DMV or State Fees
Car sales tax & use tax 6.25%
Certificate of Title Transfer Fee $75
Add / Delete Lienholder on Title $25
Vehicle Registration Fee $60

Do you need insurance to register a trailer in MA?

Procedure for Initial Boat Trailer Registration

You’ll need to insure your boat trailer. In the process, ask your insurance agent for a completed Form RMV-2. Your insurer must sign and stamp the form to prove to the state that you have obtained insurance.

Do you need insurance on a trailer in MA?

Do I Need Massachusetts Trailer Insurance? Although it’s not a legal requirement to maintain insurance on your trailer, it can be a smart investment for most trailer owners. In recent years, there were over 20,000 accidents involving towed trailers, and close to 350 people lost their lives in trailer accidents.

Can I drive a car without plates if I just bought it in Massachusetts?

Temporary plates are not provided in Massachusetts, so they are not legal. … However, if you have a MA driver’s license and have a temporary plate, then that is not legal. It would be equivalent to you driving without any plate at all. Your vehicle could be impounded as a result.

Do you need plates for a pop up camper?

Pop-up campers, like boat trailers and travel trailers, require license plates, and to get a license plate, you need the title. … Copy down your camper’s license plate number and your proof of insurance if the vehicle is still being used.

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Can you transfer license plates to another person in Massachusetts?

The person transferring the vehicle must have met the tax laws of the state they registered it. You must pay a $25 fee and the title and registration fees. The person gifting the vehicle must complete a sales tax exemption form (MVU-24). … Registration fee (fees vary by plate type, refer to the RMV’s Schedule of Fees)

Can you register a car without a license in MA?

If you do not have a driver’s license, a Massachusetts ID, or a Social Security number, you will be required to prove lawful presence in the United States to obtain a registration.

How much do new plates cost in Massachusetts?

The RMV will manufacture and mail new registration plates to your address on record within 12 weeks of the request.


Name Fee Unit
License plate replacement fee for normal, specialty, vanity, or reserve plates $10 per plate

Can someone else register my car for me in Massachusetts?

Yes, HOWEVER, you will need required documents in order to register the vehicle if your name is not on the title. … Bring in the title documents, proof of insurance, signature form (TR-212a), and payment, and we will register the vehicle without the owner in the office.