You asked: How do you pay for buses in Hong Kong?

Passengers are required to pay their bus fare when they board the bus, and all buses accept payment by either Octopus card or cash; however no change is given for paying by the latter.

Can you pay cash on Hong Kong buses?

Buses & Minibuses

Bus routes cover almost all areas of Hong Kong, except outlying islands. … You need to pay by cash or Octopus Card, when you get on the bus.

How do you use the Octopus card on the bus in Hong Kong?

Octopus Cards on buses

When you enter a bus there is a reader near the driver where you can hold your octopus card and pay the fare. Hold the card against the reader until you hear the beep and see on the screen that the fare is deducted, your remaining card balance will be displayed.

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How much is a bus ride in Hong Kong?

Fares Bus fares cost HK$4.50 to HK$47, depending on the destination. Fares for night buses cost from HK$7.50 to HK$33. You will need exact change or an Octopus card. Bus stations On Hong Kong Island the most important bus stations are the terminus in Central underneath Exchange Sq and the one on Queensway at Admiralty.

Which form of land transport has the lowest fare in Hong Kong?

Taxi fares are charged according to the taximeter; however, additional charges on the fare table may apply, such as road tolls and luggage fees. Urban taxis are the most expensive, while Lantau taxis are the cheapest. The standard of service among different kinds of taxis is mostly the same.

How much does public transport cost in Hong Kong?

For tourists, the easiest way to travel using public transport is to purchase a tourist day pass. These cost HK$55 per day (HK$25 for children ages 3-11) and are valid for a month from the date of issue. The ticket is valid for 24 consecutive hours from the time you make your first journey.

Are buses in Hong Kong 24 hours?

Hong Kong’s action doesn’t stop after midnight – and neither does the city’s transportation. When daytime bus routes stop at midnight, night owls can use a night bus service available throughout the city, including Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, the New Territories and Lantau Island.

Can you use Octopus card on buses?

The Octopus Card is a contactless smart card, mostly is used to pay rides on the MTR, buses, minibuses, ferries, trams and on a few taxis equipped with Octopus readers.

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How do I get a senior Octopus Card?

Elder Octopus : Please visit MTR Customer Centres, Light Rail Customer Service Centres, First Ferry Customer and Octopus Service Centres or KMB Lok Ma Chau Ticketing Office to obtain the card. Personalised Octopus : Please visit designated MTR Customer Service Centres for the card.

How much is Octopus Card in Hong Kong?

Today, over 23 million Octopus cards are in circulation and the Octopus system handles over 12 million transactions a day, with the transaction value exceeding HK$130 million.

On-Loan Octopus Card.

Type Price
Elder HK$70 = Deposit $50 + Initial stored value $20

Is taxi expensive in Hong Kong?

How much is the taxi fare in Hong Kong? The basic fee is HK$24.00, the kilometer price is HK$6.00 – HK$8.50. For standing and waiting time, HK$84.00 is charged per hour.

What is the best way to get around Hong Kong?

There are plenty of ways to get around Hong Kong, whether it’s by taxi, ferry, rail, bus or tram. The city claims one of the world’s safest, most efficient and frequent public transport systems and a convenient payment method in the form of the Octopus Card.

How long is the Star Ferry ride?

Star Ferry’s Harbour Tour (Nighttime) (60 Minutes)

Step aboard the fabulous “Shining Star”, a beautiful re-creation of the ferries that plied Victoria Harbour in the 1920s. Relax on the open deck during this one-hour circular journey with fascinating night view of the Hong Kong skylines from Victoria Harbour.

How many people use public transportation in Hong Kong?

For whole of 2019, an average of 12.44 million of passenger trips were conducted daily with public transport in Hong Kong, which increased around 0.1 million compared to ten years ago.

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How many buses are there in Hong Kong?

Currently Hong Kong’s franchised bus network is made up of about 600 routes, operated under six franchises by five franchised bus companies with a total fleet of 6,042 licensed franchised buses (at end of 2020), comprising 5,760 double-deck and 282 single-deck vehicles.

What is the subway transport between Kowloon and Hongkong?

Under the government’s rail-led transport policy, the MTR system is a common mode of public transport in Hong Kong, with over five million trips made in an average weekday.