Where can I park my motorhome in Ireland?

Common locations for free motorhome parking is supermarket parking lots, farms (with permission), service stops and casinos. Wild camping and overnight parking are the two main options for free motorhome camping in Ireland, the UK and other locations!

Can you park a motorhome anywhere in Ireland?

Staying in a Caravan Park

The totally legal way to stay overnight anywhere in Ireland is in a designated area camping area that allows camper-vans. … That means that so-called caravan parks, which are similar to RV parks in the United States, are the best way to go.

Can you park up anywhere in a motorhome?

The do’s and don’ts of parking your motorhome. The feeling of freedom when picking up your motorhome is truly unique. Once those keys are in the ignition and the seatbelt is clicked in, you can go anywhere, at any time, stopping whenever you feel like it, and staying in each place as long as you choose.

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Can you wild camp in Ireland in a motorhome?

Technically speaking, it is not legal to wild camp with your motorhome in Southern Ireland. However, there is a level of tolerance that operates in most areas of the country despite most of the land being owned by farmers.

Where can you park motorhomes overnight?

Where can I park a motorhome or campervan overnight?

  • your driveway (if it’s big enough)- be aware of motorhome security.
  • On the road outside/ near your house – you might want to fit additional motorhome door locks.
  • In secure motorhome parking areas, such as a storage facility.

Can I take my motorhome to Ireland?

Getting to Ireland by Ferry from rest of the UK

For the rest of the UK (otherwise known as Britain!), if you want to take your own motorhome or campervan across to Ireland, you’ll need to get on a ferry. There are a few ferry routes to choose from: Holyhead to Dublin (Irish Ferries)

How much does it cost to park a campervan in Ireland?

Rates vary but generally expect to pay anything from €35 to €60 per night. Expect to pay a little more depending on proximity to urban areas or popular scenic sites where the demand is high during the summer months. Secondly, location. Ireland is unique regarding its unspoilt natural beauty.

Can you park a motorhome in a layby overnight?

It is clear that it is acceptable for a motorhome to be parked on a street overnight – for all of us who do not have drives, motorhomes are parked on the street, and so long as they are legally parked, there is no problem.

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Can you drink alcohol in a motorhome?

Can You Drink in an RV as a Passenger? It’s clear that the driver should not be drinking in a moving vehicle. … Currently, 40 states and Washington D.C. forbid the possession and consumption of open alcoholic beverages in a motor vehicle. This includes the driver and the passenger in a motorhome.

Can you walk around an RV while driving?

It’s illegal to sleep, walk around or even be inside an RV like a travel trailer, fifth wheel or any kind of pull-behind camperswhile it’s moving. However, you can sit inside a Class A, B, and C motorhome that has seat belts, and you can legally use some of the facilities inside while driving.

It’s legal to sleep in your car as long as you aren’t in possession of the car keys while over the drink drive limit. So if you have a drink, hide the keys. … The garda can and do arrest people sleeping in their cars drunk.

Where can you camp for free in Ireland?

At first glance, camping and Ireland might not go hand in hand:

  • Beara Peninsula, Cork/Kerry. …
  • Glenregan Wild Camping, Offaly. …
  • Wicklow Mountains National Park. …
  • Knockadav Wild Camping, Waterford. …
  • The Seven Leave No Trace Principles.


Is it illegal to camp in a forest?

Other national parks are clear in their guidance that, although they may include areas of common-access land, wild camping is not one of the rights allowed. … Making a wild camping pitch legal is as simple as asking a landowner whether it’s okay if you pitch up for a night or two.

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Can I sleep in my motorhome on the street?

Can you sleep in a motorhome on the street? … But, other than the Caravan Sites & Control of Development Act – and more recent legislation covering gypsies and travellers – there is no specific law which makes it illegal to sleep in a motorhome at the roadside.

Can you sleep in a campervan while driving?

So, for motorhomes that have been manufactured before October 1988, back passengers can legally sleep in the bed if the motorhome is at low speeds, however, you need to be both safe and legal, so let’s continue onward and look at the safety issues you will need to consider.

What is the difference between a campervan and a motorhome?

Motorhome – A motor vehicle built on a truck or bus chassis and designed to serve as self-contained living quarters for recreational travel. … Campervan – A van equipped as a self-contained travelling home, they are normally smaller than a motorhome. There is generally no divide between the cab and the living quarters.