Where are Lance Campers built?

Founded in 1965, Lance Camper designs, engineers and manufactures its lineup of innovative, high quality, and customer-centric products from its state-of-the-art campus in Lancaster, CA. Throughout its over 50-year history, the Company has built a tremendous reputation as a leader in the towable RV industry.

Where are Lance Campers made?

Lance Camper has been manufacturing truck campers since 1965. They have a large campus in Lancaster, California where they manufacture travel trailers and truck bed campers.

Are Lance trailers good quality?

Lance is also proud to be an award-winning company. Since Lance began making travel trailers, the RVDA (the National RV Dealers Association) has awarded Lance its Quality Circle award (given to RV manufacturers that get the highest rating in the Dealer Satisfaction Index survey) eight times.

How much do Lance Campers cost?

Lance’s single slide-out models are the 855S, 975, and 995. Lance’s double-slide truck campers are the 1062 and 1172. To contact Lance Camper in Lancaster, California, call 661-949-3322.


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Dry Weight 3,613 pounds
Wet Weight* 4,708 pounds
Floor Length 10’11”
Overall Length 20’0″

How Lance trailers are built?

The frames of Lance campers and trailers are made of rectangular aluminum tubing. The tubes are bonded to the Azdel and MIG-welded to each other. … With the frame and wiring in place, an overhead laser projector shows workers where plywood or aluminum sheets will be installed before the interior walls are laminated.

What is the best truck for a camper?

What is the best truck to haul a truck camper? Well, if you’re buying your first truck and you’re looking seriously at getting a truck camper, we suggest skipping the half-ton and 3/4-ton and buy a one-ton truck instead like a Ford F-350, a Ram 3500, or a Chevy Silverado 3500 at a minimum.

Are Lance trailers well built?

Excellent quality. Made in California. One of the best travel trailers in the market.

Why are Lance Truck Campers so expensive?

Because truck campers are heavy and require heavy duty trucks, they are more expensive overall than a travel trailer – and they have much less space.

Do lance travel trailers hold their value?

Though their size varies greatly, the general rate of depreciation for these camping trailers does not. After five years of owning a travel trailer, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s still worth approximately 60% of what you paid for it.

Why should I buy a lance travel trailer?

Travel trailers are economical to own and manage, need little maintenance and are easily towed with the proper vehicle. … They can be easily disconnected once you have reach your destination and the tow vehicle can then be used for transportation.

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What are the worst travel trailers?

7 Worst Travel Trailer Brands to Avoid

  • Hurricane.
  • Coachmen.
  • Jayco.
  • Coleman.
  • Keystone.
  • Winnebago.
  • Fleetwood.

What is the best 4 season travel trailer?

Recap: The Best Four Season Travel Trailers

  • Lance Travel Trailer – Most Customizable.
  • Dutchmen Aspen Trail – Most Affordable.
  • Keystone Montana – Best for Cold Weather.
  • Heartland Bighorn – Best for Families.
  • Livin Lite Camplite – Best for Couples.


Can you ride in a truck camper?

Is it Legal to Ride in the Back of a Truck Camper? In general, the answer is yes. With just a few exceptions, most states allow passengers to ride in the camper while the truck is in motion. This is a little surprising since most of the same states don’t allow passengers in a travel trailer or 5th-wheel.

Do Lance Truck Campers leak?

Leaks coming from the doors, corner joins, side to roof joints, windows, and through screw holes are one of the most common complaints received about the Lance truck camper. If the water leaks are not detected in time or left unchecked, they can cause mold and mildew to develop within the walls of the camper.

Is Lance a good truck camper?

We’ve owned the Lance 975 for three years, and it is a very solid camper. So much is packed in a small space, which gave us the freedom to go anywhere with all of the same conveniences as a larger rig. Mounted to a 4X4 1-ton, pickup, we were able to slip back in the remote wilderness where no one else could go.

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Can I buy a travel trailer directly from the manufacturer?

Buying an RV directly from the factory allows customers to become more involved in the process. The RV purchasing process is rife with choices: which vehicle type, which floorplan, which fabric color, which sofa bed. … Among many other benefits, buying factory-direct can give consumers more bang for the buck.