What does the P stand for on London buses?

Prefixes first came into use in 1968, under London Transport. … With others, the prefix letter designates the place around which the route clusters. So P for Peckham for routes P4, P5, and P13; E for Ealing in series E1 to E11.

How do London bus numbers work?

The idea is that the prefix letter should designate the place around which the routes cluster – P for Peckham in the case of routes P4, P5, and P13; E for Ealing in the case of series E1 to E11, for instance. The C in C2 stands for Central. The prefix ‘N’, however, denotes a night bus.”

Why do London buses have numbers on the roof?

Bus numbers on the roof enable buses to be identified quickly for late running (though this is mostly done with GPS these days), accidents, broken down buses, etc. The number is also used with CCTV in some bus depots to see which buses are parked where in the depot and allocating buses to drivers.

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What is the highest bus number in London?

8) The highest number of buses you can catch from a single stop during the day (i.e. excluding night buses) is 19. Stop K on Hounslow High Street.

How many London bus routes are there?

How many buses are there in London? There are 8,600 buses in the whole fleet, operating on 700 routes, serving 19,000 bus stops.

What is the longest bus route in England?

West Midlands bus route 11, also known as the Birmingham Outer Circle, is a 27-mile (43 km) route that circumnavigates Birmingham via the A4040 apart from a small deviation via the B4182 and A4030 in Bearwood.

What is the oldest bus route in London?

Route 24 dates back to 1910, when it ran between Hampstead Heath and Victoria station. In August 1912 it was extended to Pimlico and has continued in that form until the present day, making this the oldest unchanged bus route in London.

What does the yellow star mean on a police car?

Introduction of ARVs

ARVs are identifiable in London by a yellow dot sticker, visible from each angle, and an asterisk on the roof to enable helicopters to identify the vehicle as being an ARV. … ARVs were deployed officially for the first time in London, during 1991.

What do numbers on police cars mean?

Aerial roof markings are symbols, letters or numbers on the roof of selected police vehicles, fire engines, ambulances, coast guard vehicles, cash in transit vans, buses and boats to enable aircraft and/or CCTV to identify them. These markings can be used to identify a specific vehicle, vehicle type or agency.

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Which cars do UK police use?

Common vehicles used as IRVs include the Vauxhall Astra, Vauxhall Insignia, Ford Focus, Ford Mondeo, Peugeot 308 and BMW 2 Series. Prisoner transport vans, like the Mercedes Vito, Ford Transit and Vauxhall Vivaro are used as IRVs whilst also have the capability to transport arrested suspects in a cage.

Is there a number 1 bus in London?

London Buses route 1 is a Transport for London contracted bus route in London, England. Running between Canada Water and Tottenham Court Road station, it is operated by London Central.

London Buses route 1.

Level Daily
Frequency 8-11 minutes

Which London buses are 24 hours?

The following existing bus routes started running 24 hours on Friday and Saturday: 34, 123, 145, 158, 296, E1, W3 and W7.

What is a London bus called?

The name London General was replaced by London Transport, which became synonymous with the red London bus.

Why are London buses so cheap?

The public rationale was that competition would drive up quality and drive down fares. The private rationale was that they saw too much of public subsidy to buses being taken by real increases in bus workers’ wages, promoted by the then powerful Transport and General Workers’ Union.

What is the best bus route in London for tourist?

The Best Bus Routes for Sightseeing in London

  • RV1: Covent Garden to Tower Gateway. With one coming along every 10 minutes even on weekends, the RV1 is a good, regular option for anyone wanting to take in the views from the riverside. …
  • Route 14: Warren Street to Putney Heath. …
  • Route 11: Liverpool Station to Fulham Broadway.
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What is the longest bus route in the world?

Operated by Peruvian company, Ormeño, the world’s longest bus route measures 6,200 km (3,850 miles) and connects Lima, Peru to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Known as the Trans Oceanica, the bus takes passengers through the Amazon and the Andes on a 102-hour trip (four-plus days).