What does RV mean in military terms?

RV stands for Rendezvous (military)

What is RV in military?

(military) Initialism of rendezvous, a position where units are to meet.

What is RV short for?

RV, or recreational vehicle.

What does RV mean in slang?

RV means “Recreational Vehicle (US)”.

What is the RV in government?

RV Government Abbreviation

2 RV Rateable Value Military, Construction Industry, Soldiery
1 RV Recreational Ventilation Firefighting
1 RV Recreational Vehicle + 2 variants Automotive Systems, Technology, Concept
1 RV Recreational Vehicles Vehicle, Business, Trailer
1 RV Recreation Vehicle Technology, Transportation, Importation

Is RV short for rendezvous?

RV stands for Rendezvous (military)

What Does RV stand for in stats?

The relative variance (RV) is a measure of error, or how much the “noise” of a data point or set of data points can vary.

Is RV a word?

Word forms: RVs

RV is an abbreviation for recreational vehicle.

What Does RV stand for in finance?

Rateable Value (RV) Financial Glossary.

What is the front of an RV called?

Cockpit: Front of your motorhome where the driver pilot seat and passenger co-pilot seats are located. Converter: Converts 120 volt AC power to 12 volt DC power and also charges your 12 volt battery.

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What do the letters in RV models mean?

The numbers and letters at the end of the RV is the model of that particular brand. It is almost like a secret code to let the shopper know the floorplan type, vehicle length or square footage and the camper’s features.

What does DSF mean in slang?

DSF — Dear Special Friend.

Is a RV considered a dwelling?

Recreational vehicles, campers and the like not used as residences are not dwellings.” RVDA believes that to be considered a “Residential Structure” under the TILA definition of dwelling, at a minimum, the residential structure should be built to relevant state or federal housing building codes.

What Does RV stand for in SAS?

Rifle Volunteers (British Army) RV. Receipt Voucher. RV.

Is Escapees RV Club worth?

In summary, the Escapees RV Club is one of the memberships we recommend to any RVer. It’s great for finding community on the road, provides access to many educational resources, and gives you great discounts on a variety of products and services.