What does busing mean?

Busing, also called desegregation busing, in the United States, the practice of transporting students to schools within or outside their local school districts as a means of rectifying racial segregation. …

What was the purpose of busing?

Race-integration busing in the United States (also known as simply busing or by its critics as forced busing) was the practice of assigning and transporting students to schools within or outside their local school districts in an effort to diversify the racial make-up of schools.

What does bussing mean in slang?

If you buss someone, you kiss them. [US] He bussed her on the cheek. You may also like.

What does anti busing mean?

adjective. opposing legislation that requires the busing of students to schools outside their neighborhoods, especially as a means of achieving socioeconomic or racial diversity among students in a public school.

When did desegregation busing end?

Virginia even closed its public schools to avoid desegregation. In 1971, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of busing as a way to end racial segregation because African-American children were still attending segregated schools.

How long did busing last?

Voluntary busing programs continued into the 1970s and peaked in the early 1980s. The trend toward increased integration began to shift, however, in the 1990s, when a series of court rulings released school districts from court-ordered desegregation plans, deeming them no longer necessary.

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What year did bussing start in California?

“All Berkeley elementary schools were integrated through an innovative two-way busing plan, which was implemented voluntarily by our district beginning in 1968.”

Is bussing a bad word?

The term “busing” is a race-neutral euphemism that allows people to pretend white opposition was not about integration but simply about a desire for their children to attend neighborhood schools. But the fact is that American children have ridden buses to schools since the 1920s.

Does bussin mean?

The slang word Bussin’ means that something is extremely great. In most cases, you will find that people specifically use the word to describe food that is delicious.

Is it spelled bussing or busing?

The definition of bussing, commonly spelled as busing, is transporting a group of people in a communal vehicle. An example of bussing is when school children are loaded into a vehicle and taken on a school trip.

Do segregated schools still exist?

This decision was subsequently overturned in 1954, when the Supreme Court ruling in Brown v. Board of Education ended de jure segregation in the United States.

Did California ever have segregated schools?

Segregation Was Widespread in California

The same de facto segregation existed in California public schools. By 1940, more than 80 percent of Mexican American students in California went to so-called “Mexican” schools, even though no California law mandated such a separation.

When was the last school desegregated?

A policy of “massive resistance” was declared by Virginia Senator Harry F. Byrd and led to the closing of nine schools in four counties in Virginia between 1958 and 1959; those in Prince Edward County, Virginia remained closed until 1964.


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