What do you do if your RV black water tank won’t drain?

To start, ensure there is no more liquid trickling from the tank. Next, put a large bucket under the dump pipe to catch any liquid that may escape. Unhook the sewer hose from the RV, leaving the dump valve open. Put the plumbing snake up the dump pipe and feed it into the tank until you hit the clog.

What do you do if your RV black water tank won’t drain?

The most common problem will be a clog of some sort right at the valve opening. If you are lucky it’s just a buildup of toilet paper and other organic stuff (aka number two). You need to flush the tank out backward from the valve opening to displace the clog and hopefully break it apart.

What do you do when your black water tank is clogged?

How to Clear a Clogged Blackwater Tank: Step by Step

  1. Using a pressure washer or power washer: This sounds like a good idea on the surface, and some so-called RV “experts” even recommend power-washing your blackwater tank as a first step. …
  2. Using pressurized air: Again, pressure of any kind is a no-no.
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Can I put Drano in my RV black tank?

Can I Use Drano in My RV Toilet? While Drano may seem like it would be a feasible option for unclogging an RV toilet, it is not recommended. Cleaners like Drano are caustic and can harm the plumbing of your RV. If you use these types of cleaners often, it will break down the pipes and seals, making things even worse.

Why does my black tank keep clogging?

Misreading black water holding tank sensors are a common problem for RVers, and many accidentally mistake them for a clogged tank. Misreading tank sensors in your black tank are caused by feces and toilet paper coating the surface of your sensor probes.

What to do if RV toilet is clogged?

Insert the wand into the toilet bowl and down toward the tank for a high pressure spray that will break up the clog. #2 Another popular option is to open the toilet valve and pour several pots of boiling water down the toilet and into the tank. Let the water sit over night and soak.

Should I leave my black tank open or closed?

This is very important. Leaving a black tank valve open is an absolute no-no. It will cause all the liquid to flow out, leaving the solids no way of draining. Always make sure the valve on your black tank is closed completely after dumping.

How do you know when your RV black water tank is full?

There is another way to know your tank is full (or close to it) besides using sensors or sound. “Sound” is also a good indicator, but in addition to that method, the closer to full, the more it smells (even if you use chemicals). You’ll want to dump for sure when you can’t take the smell any longer.

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Can you plunge an RV toilet?

Using a Plunger or Toilet Snake

Make sure you get one long enough and sturdy enough to really grind up anything in the pipes. Unclogging an RV toilet with a plunger or toilet snake is best done by someone who isn’t completely grossed out by the toilet!

How do you clean a black RV tank?

Directions for Cleaning an RV Black Water Tank:

  1. Close the gray water tank valve the night before cleaning. …
  2. Clean your toilet. …
  3. Connect your hose. …
  4. Slowly turn on the water. …
  5. Pull the black water tank valve.
  6. Slowly turn the water on more. …
  7. Close the black water tank valve. …
  8. Open black water tank valve again.

Should you poop in your RV?

Key Points: Yes! You can in fact poop in an RV toilet! There are some simple maintenance factors that go along pooping in an RV Toilet to prevent backups and clogs.

Why Is My RV GREY Tank not draining?

The Problem The gray tank valve is open, but little to no water drains out. Or, water is backing up in the sink or shower. … If a full tank is not the problem, you likely have a clog caused by hair, grease, or food buildup in your tank or drain. The Solution: Don’t let a stubborn clog ruin your RV adventure.