What do I need to drive my motorhome in France?

Can I drive my motorhome through France?

In France, the parking rules for campervans and other motor vehicles are the same as for cars, except when police have set restrictions. According to French traffic law, you may park your campervan or motorhome at the side of a road.

Can you drive a motorhome with a normal driving Licence?

The standard driving licence issued to a driver passing his or her test today covers categories B and B1. This means you can drive a vehicle up to 3,500kg (B) and tow a trailer up to 750kg behind it. As a result, many new motorhomes are built with a Maximum Allowable Mass (MAM) of 3,500kg.

Can motorhomes go on Eurotunnel?

We regret that LPG (or equivalent flammable gas) vehicles cannot be transported by Eurotunnel Le Shuttle even if it is being used as a secondary fuel source. … Transport of gas containers to power domestic services for caravans, campervans, vehicles fitted out as a campervan are restricted.

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Are Motorhome Aires Open in France?

Can caravans use aires in France? No. Most aires do not allow caravans. The only places I know for caravans to park overnight are either wild camping or actual campsites.

Where should I stay in a motorhome in France?

Here’s our recommendations for the best 20 places for your French holiday destinations for a motorhome adventure.

  1. Fréjus & Saint Raphaël. …
  2. Avignon. …
  3. Paris. …
  4. Loire Valley. …
  5. Epernay. …
  6. Val D’Isere. …
  7. Dordogne. …
  8. Brittany.

Can I travel around Europe in a motorhome?

At present, if you are travelling around Europe, you can leave and re-enter the Schengen area as often as you like, but you’re not permitted to stay more than 90 days in any 6-month period.

What is the speed limit for a motorhome?

Motor caravans (motorhomes or campervans) with an unladen weight of greater than 3050kg or more than 8 passenger seats: Single Carriageways: 50mph. Dual Carriageways: 60mph. Motorways: 70mph.

What is the largest motorhome you can drive on a car Licence?

If you passed your test before 1st January 1997, you will automatically have category C1 entitlement on your licence, allowing you to drive vehicles up to 7,500kg, which normally covers all but the largest American RV-style motorhomes.

Can I keep a motorhome on my drive?

The quick answer is yes. You may indeed keep a motorhome on your drive unless there is a clause in your title deeds that specifically excludes caravans (this would include motorhomes as well under UK law as far as I am aware).

What’s the difference between Eurostar and Eurotunnel?

Eurostar and Eurotunnel are completely different companies. … Eurotunnel operate Le Shuttle, this train carries freight and all forms of motor vehicle, including cars, motor cycles, motor bikes, camper vans, caravans and lorries. The service departs from Folkestone and operates through to Calais.

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Can you take a motorhome on a ferry?

Generally speaking LPG fuelled motorhomes are allowed on ferries and those who have LPG cylinders are also allowed. However, there are restrictions (usually 1 cylinder) of how much LPG you can take. Check with the ferry company before making your booking.

Can you take gas on Eurotunnel?

All gas containers carried on passenger Shuttles will be checked by Eurotunnel; 2.5. 2 Cylinders and tanks, and appliances powered by gas must be switched off or disabled during Carriage; 2.5.

Can you sleep in a van in France?

The French government to ban drivers of light commercial vehicles to sleep in their van.

Are French Aires safe?

France, and other continental countries, have seen the commercial value to local businesses from those who visit their country in MHs. So, aires are safe, sometimes empty but at other times busy with like minded visitors.

Can you sleep in your car in France?

You can park your camping-car anywhere legally in France where you are allowed to park a car (i.o.w. in official parking spots), but you are only allowed to camp in official designated spots. … Sleeping is actually fine, since you are allowed to sleep in your car, so also in your camping-car.