Quick Answer: Where are Knaus motorhomes made?

Is Knaus manufactured in Germany?

Knaus Tabbert has a modern and efficient production network. The company employs a staff of about 3,000 at its four production and administrative locations in Germany and Hungary. More than 80% of the employees work in production.

Who makes Knaus motorhomes?

Knaus Tabbert AG is one of the leading manufacturers of leisure vehicles in Germany and Europe. The company unifies six brands under the Knaus name. At four locations, we manufacture about 24,000 motorhomes, CUVs and caravans each year.

Where are Knaus made?

Knaus produce a broad range of motorhomes to suit all requirments. Built in Jandelsbrunn in Southern Germany, the motorhomes are made to the highest standards at their new production facility opened in August 2018.

Are Knaus caravans any good?

Knaus are a very well known brand of German caravan and have the reputation of being well made. The company did produce a UK version a year or two ago, called Star Class. I think they stopped making them when they suffered some financial difficulties a year or two ago but have since been rescued.

Where are Weinsberg motorhomes made?

Weinsberg have been manufacturing motorhomes and caravans in Germany for over 45 years. Part of the Knaus Tabbert Group, Weinsberg is a leading brand in the European Motorhome market.

Where was Kanus founded?


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