How much is bus ticket in Montreal?

Fares Prices Conditions
1 trip $3.50 The only fare sold on the bus. Exact change required.
2 trips $6.50 One single user.
10 trips1 $29.50
Unlimited Evening2 $5.50 6 p.m. to 5 a.m.

How do you pay for buses in Montreal?

Cash: You can pay with cash directly at the metro station kiosk as well as on the bus. There are no change dispensers on STM buses, so try to use the exact amount. Metro station kiosk employees will make change for bills. Credit Card: You can use a credit card when buying tickets at any metro station kiosk.

How do you buy bus tickets in Montreal?

Tickets may be purchased from ticket booth attendants or from vending machines in metro stations. If you pay cash aboard a bus, you will be given a ticket. When your ticket is validated, the date and time are stamped on the back, and you have 120 minutes to complete your trip.

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Does Montreal Metro pass work on bus?

Yes it works for both metro and buses. Great, thanks for your help. Cheers. Be aware though that 3 days is not 72 hours, so if you use the pass late on the first day that is one day gone.

How much is senior bus fare in Montreal?

That means seniors in Montreal will only pay $27 for a monthly transit fare — a 70-per-cent reduction — in accordance with a pledge in the 2021 budget made by the administration of Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante.

Can you pay with credit card on bus?

From August 2019, contactless payments with credit and debit cards will be rolled out on Opal-enabled buses. … “A credit card will now qualify for the same fare and travel benefits of an Adult Opal card on trains, light rail, ferries and buses once fully-implemented,” Mr Constance said.

How do I buy a metro ticket in Montreal?

You can purchase transit fare cards from points of sale located in various boroughs and municipalities in the greater Montréal area. Use the drop-down menu to find one near you. Please note: Reduced fares can only be purchased and charged on a Photo ID OPUS card.

How much is a Metro pass in Montreal?

New fare schedule effective July 1, 2021

Fares Prices
Weekly pass1 2 $16.50
Monthly pass1 2 $53.00
4-month pass1 2 $208.00
YUL Aéroport Mtl-Trudeau (747)2 4 $10.00

Where can I buy bus passes in Montreal?

You can buy an OPUS card for $6 at:

  • metropolitan ticket offices.
  • fare vending machines located at Central Station, Lucien-L’Allier station, terminus Centre-ville and Longueuil, Cartier and Montmorency terminals.
  • other sales outlets.
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How do I use public transport in Montreal?

The most common way to pay on Montreal transit is with an OPUS card, which can be purchased at fare collectors or vending machines in any metro station. You can load your OPUS card with any of the above fare options. OPUS cards can be purchased for $6.00 CAD, and are valid for one rider each.

Does Montreal have a subway system?

The system runs entirely underground, and each station has a distinct architecture and design. The Montreal metro consists of four lines running a total of 71 km and serving 68 stations. In 2018, its passengers made more than 383 million trips. The Montreal metro opened on 14 October 1966.

What time does the Metro close Montreal?

Metro service starts at 05:30, and the last trains start their run between 00:30 and 01:00 on weekdays and Sunday, and between 01:00 and 01:30 on Saturday. During rush hour, there are two to four minutes between trains on the Orange and Green Lines.

Does Opus card work on buses?

An OPUS card is a smart card on which you can charge all STM transit fares, with the exception of group fares, which are available on tickets only. OPUS cards are used by most transit authorities in the Greater Montréal area, and in the Québec City area.

How do I check my OPUS card balance?

Check balance

  1. When boarding a bus, hold the card against the scanner as you pay your fare.
  2. Go to an RTC service counter or point of sale and ask them to check the balance of your card.
  3. Online at , using a computer and OPUS card reader.
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Where can I renew my Opus card in Montreal?

Bring your expired card to an STM service centre, exo service center or an ARTM ticket office to get a new OPUS card. Please note that to get a new OPUS card, a transit fare purchase is required.