How do you level a motorhome with blocks?

How do you make RV blocks leveling?

To make leveling blocks useful in many different situations, get a length of 2-by-8-inch treated lumber, and a couple feet of ¾-inch PVC tubing. Cut the lumber into three pieces: 14 inches, 20 inches and 26 inches, for each number of blocks you want to make. Angle the edges up on all pieces of wood.

How do you level a motorhome?

How To Manually Level Your Towable RV

  1. Use Your Bubble Level. As you are pulling into your campsite, try to get as close as possible to being level left to right. …
  2. Go Up On Blocks. If you’re not level, grab your set of blocks. …
  3. Chock Your Wheels. …
  4. Unhitch. …
  5. Use Your Bubble Level. …
  6. Adjust the Jack. …
  7. Stabilize.


Do you need leveling blocks for motorhome?

Every RVer Needs RV Leveling Blocks

If you’re an RVer, you need to travel with leveling blocks. Before you set out on a trip, you have no way of knowing just what your site will look like. RV leveling blocks maximize comfort, function and safety, no matter where the road takes you.

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What are the best RV leveling blocks?

Best Sellers in RV Leveling & Stabilization

  • #1. …
  • Camco 25563 AccuLevel. …
  • Beech Lane Camper Leveler Size Variation (1 Pack) …
  • Camco Durable Leveling Block Caps – Securely Fits on Top of Your Leveling Blocks to Create An Even… …
  • LevelMatePRO Wireless Vehicle Leveling System. …
  • Lippert 285318 3500LB Power Tongue Jack Black.

How do RV leveling blocks work?

How do you use a leveling block?

  1. Park your RV and engage your parking brake. …
  2. Check out how level your RV already is from side to side, and identify where you’ll need to lift it. …
  3. Pull your slide-outs back in. …
  4. Place your blocks right up to the tires you’ll raise, positioned so you can drive up them like a ramp.


Why do you need to level a motorhome?

The primary reason you’ll want to make leveling a habit is to enable the absorption refrigerator to function properly. Liquid ammonia flows through a portion of the low-temperature evaporator coils inside the refrigerator, but this process depends on gravity to run smoothly.

What happens if RV is not level?

Minimize Stress on the Frame and Structure

If your RV is not level, you are adding stress to many areas including door frames, plumbing, cupboards, and even the chassis. An RV was built to be level so you could be causing long term issues and damage if you are using it without it being properly leveled.

Can you level RV with slides out?

Generally speaking, most guidelines state that you should level your RV first, and then deploy the slide outs. If you try to level your RV with the slide outs extended, it puts unnecessary strain on your RV’s leveling jacks which will speed up wear and tear and possibly damage some of the leveling components.

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How much does it cost to install leveling jacks on motorhome?

$4000 to $5000 depending on fully automatic to manual.

Do all RVs have leveling jacks?

Most RVs these days have leveling jacks – manual, hydraulic or automatic. … Some jack systems are just for stabilizing and some RVs don’t have jacks at all, so that brings us to option 3. Use Leveling Accessories. There are many different kinds of accessories you can use to level your RV.

Are leveling jacks necessary?

For safety reasons, it’s best not to stack them higher than 5” off the ground. Hydraulic leveling systems are a precise way of keeping an RV balanced, by raising or lowering a section of the motorhome as needed. … Once the RV is level, stabilizing jacks can help keep it in position.