Do TrailManor campers leak?

A TrailManor trailer is designed to be so watertight you can open and close it in the rain without water getting inside. Our unique roof seal has been proven to be 100% effective in preventing water from leaking at the joint between roof sections.

Are TrailManor campers any good?

The interior is nicely laid out and provides all the necessities that one could use while camping. The towing of the camper is fantastic. The gas mileage of my vehicle is only a few miles per gallon less than when I’m not towing, and you never really feel it back there.

Is TrailManor still in business?

Trailmanor is still in business, they are having problems getting the NE plant up and running it appears. They don’t respond well to e-mails. Parts must be ordered through a dealer. Not all states have a TM dealer.

Do all campers leak?

Those that are going to leak. If you drive or pull any RV over the road long enough, it will eventually leak somewhere. As caulking ages it will pull loose naturally. With all that thumping & bumping going on as you travel rough roads, you will eventually have caulking pull loose.

Where are TrailManor trailers made?

Jacksboro, Tennessee: TrailManor began manufacturing travel trailers in Lake City, TN in 1983. In 2011 new owners moved the company to Jacksboro, TN.

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How much does a TrailManor weigh?


Model 2720 QB (Bed) QS (Sofa)
Dry Weight (lbs) 2960 3040
Tongue Weight (lbs) 346 392
Load Capacity (lbs) 1333 1210
Tires 15″ 15″

What is a TrailManor camper?

Designed to be the lightest travel trailers on the road.

Who makes TrailManor RV?

Shortly after TrailManor’s celebration of 25 years in business, Bill encountered serious health issues and the sold the company to Bob Eickhoff, TrailManor’s lead salesman. Eickhoff moved the company to Nebraska in 2014. In 2017 a Hutterite Colony in South Dakota purchased TrailManor.

Are there any campers that don’t leak?

Our newest RV, an Escape 21 – all fiberglass, no leaks, no delamination, no rubber roof!

Why do so many campers leak?

One of the more common causes of RV roof leaks is damage to the roof itself. Falling tree branches are a good example of this, but such damage can be caused by any number of other things that come into contact with the roof.

Where do campers leak?

Leaks can occur from the roof, under windows, inside cabinets and compartments, really – any spot that has an opening, no matter how small, to the exterior of the RV or another water source. Unwelcome moisture may damage several different areas of your unit.