Do buses in Brisbane accept cash?

Safety measures. Cashless payments – all South East Queensland services are only accepting pre-paid tickets, such as go card. No cash payments accepted at train station ticket windows (you can still use cash at a self-serve fare machine). Hand sanitiser available at key stations across the network.

Can you pay cash on Brisbane buses?

Services in South East Queensland are currently cashless. If you are paying with cash, you will need to purchase a ticket before boarding your service. Even if you are an infrequent public transport user, go card is a cheaper, easier and more convenient travel option.

Do buses take cash Qld?

In an attempt to speed up boarding and reduce contact between drivers and passengers, the Queensland Government has decided to forbid commuters from paying cash. … “We’re close to trialling smart ticketing technology, but our buses aren’t equipped to accept contactless payments from credit cards or mobile devices yet.

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How do you pay for public transport in Brisbane?

To use public transport including buses, trains, and ferries in Brisbane, it’s recommended that you purchase a TransLink Go Card. You can purchase a Go Card at both Brisbane International and Domestic Airport, or from convenience stores and train stations throughout the city.

The option to pay for travel using cash and paper tickets has been included in the smart ticketing system planning, but due to COVID-19 impacts, the Translink network is currently cashless.

How much is a bus ride in Brisbane?


Zones crossed Adult single Rover daily
1 $2.40 For travel in zones 1 to 6$7.00
2 $3.00
3 $3.50
4 $4.00

Can you pay with cash on buses?

Will you still let customers pay by cash on your buses? … Customers will still be able to pay with cash for their fare, but they will need to have the exact fare ready for their journey as our drivers won’t be able to issue change.

Can you use a debit card on the bus?

Look for the contactless symbol on your credit or debit card to see if your card is contactless enabled. Then, board a bus with the contactless symbol and instead of paying with cash, simply tap your card or contactless-enabled device onto the reader and wait for the beep.

Can I travel without a go card?

If you don’t have an Opal card or contactless payment card or device, you will need to buy an Opal single trip ticket to travel. Designed as a back-up option, Opal single tickets are available for metro, train, bus, ferry and light rail.

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How do you pay for public transport on the Gold Coast?

On G:link Trams, Smart Ticketing is available, which means you can pay for travel using contactless debit and credit cards. Simply tap on and off with your VISA, Mastercard, American Express or smart device.

Can I catch a bus in Brisbane without a go card?

If you don’t have a go card, paper tickets are valid for travel on most buses, and all train, ferry and tram services. You can even travel free with TransLink to selected events in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. View the events page for upcoming events near you.

How do you use the bus in Brisbane?

Using public transport

  1. Have your go card or valid paper ticket ready.
  2. Reminder: services in South East Queensland are currently cashless.
  3. Arrive at your stop five minutes before the scheduled departure time.
  4. To hail a bus, raise your hand to show that you’d like the bus driver to stop.

How much does the Brisbane airport train cost?

Airtrain is the fast and economical way to travel with tickets starting at just $10*. In 20 minutes you will travel directly from Brisbane Airport to the heart of Brisbane’s CBD.

Does a go card expire?

Adult go cards are all programmed to expire after 10 years. Once your card expires, it is no longer valid for travel.

Can you use payWave on buses?

Commuters can now use their Visa payWave cards to pay for public transport fares – The Independent Singapore News.

Can I use my bank card on the train?

You can now use your contactless payment card or compatible mobile device on most National Rail services in the Oyster Pay As You Go (PAYG) area where contactless payments are accepted, as well as the bus, Tube, London Trams, DLR, TfL Rail and London Overground.

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