Can you bring dogs to happy camper?

Two dogs of any size are welcome! The pet fee is $50 per pet, per stay for dogs under 25 lbs and $100 per pet, per stay for larger dogs. Sorry, no cats. For same day arrivals, please call 877‑411‑3436 to confirm availability of a pet-friendly room.

Are dogs allowed at Happy Camper Denver?

Right next to CHS field, this renovated dog park is perfect for dogs of any breed and age. With excellent fencing and open space to run, your dog is sure to be a happy camper!

Does happy camper allow kids?

Kids can attend painting, robotics, basketball, other camps, and get golf tips or learn magic or tap dancing. Some streamed live. Kids can also watch a PG-rated web series about eight teens in summer camp.

Does Happy Camper have heaters?

All of our trailers have high powered celling or window fans, sometimes its best to reverse the fan to suck out the hot air. The trailers also stay warm pretty easily. For heating we will provide you with a AC Heater.

Who owns Happy Camper in Denver?

The Chicago team of Josh Iachelli and Clay Hamilton are driving their fun atmosphere but serious pizza concept to LoHi, taking over the former home of Stones On 32nd.

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What is Denver happy camper?

A chic, outdoorsy pizza haven located in LoHI. Happy Camper boasts a décor that includes disco balls, neon lights, warm wooden accents, tire swings and a giant outdoor patio. We invite you to indulge in our creative cocktails and extensive beer selection; paired with specialty pizzas and mouth-watering appetizers.

What is a happy camper?

happy camper. A satisfied participant, a contented person, as in She loved the challenge of her new job; she was one happy camper. This expression is also often put in the negative, as in She hated the heat and humidity of the southern summer; she was not a happy camper. [ Slang; mid-1900s]

Does Happy Camper have vegan cheese?

Happy Camper , Paradise Park & Homeslice

They offer a gluten-free/vegan crust option and carry vegan Daiya cheese. At Happy Camper, get the “Mom” – a cheeseless pizza with marinara, roasted red peppers, onions, black olives, mushrooms, peppercorinis and artichoke hearts with a gluten free crust or build your own pizza.

When did happy camper Denver Open?

Most of the startups were takeout and delivery specialists running out of existing restaurants, but one brick-and-mortar began service in the LoHi neighborhood. Happy Camper, a Chicago pizza joint that first announced it would be opening in Denver back in August 2018, began takeout and delivery service in April.

Do happier campers have bathrooms?

The interior of the camper features two dedicated living spaces and an integrated bathroom and kitchenette.

Does happier camper fit in garage?

The Happier Camper has the potential to fit in your garage but you need to make sure the roof A/C does not get in the way. … The Happier Camper is a nice-looking retro-style lightweight travel trailer with a highly configurable interior. It features a wide entry door and a huge rear hatch.

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Does happier camper have a toilet?

Details about the Bathroom

The Happier Camper provides a Dry Flush Toilet add on option.