Are Dometic RV Refrigerators any good?

Dometic RV Refrigerator 9 Series – reviewers like that these fridges are compact but allow for plenty of refrigerator space. They also operate quietly. The Dometic RM2193 gets high marks as a mini compact 3-way refrigerator with a reliable, quiet cooling system, a sturdy frame, and adjustable shelves.

Are Dometic fridges any good?

The Dometic performs the best of any model we tested in this metric. It cools quickly, even with room temperature contents. In our tests, it went from room temperature to an impressive -8.9º F in just 5.5 hours.

Who makes the best RV refrigerator?

Our Top Picks For Keeping Cool on the Road

Best RV Fridges and Freezers Category
Norcold Polar NA8LX Best 3-Way RV Refrigerator
Dometic Americana DM 2652 Best 2-Way RV Refrigerator
Norcold NR740 Best Small AC/DC Refrigerator
FM-65G Whynter 65 Quart Portable Fridge/Freezer Best Small Dual Fridge and Freezer

Is Dometic a good brand?

When readers of Germany’s leading RV magazine selected the best brands in the industry, Dometic won the Best Brand 2020 in all five categories in which Dometic offers products. … With air conditioners Dometic prevailed over Truma and Eberspächer and were awarded as the winner in this category with 67.1 %.

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Where are Dometic RV refrigerators made?


Is Dometic worth the money?

If you want a cooler with more power that has the ability to keep food frozen as well as refrigerated, check out the Dometic Refrigerator-Freezer. It costs a little more money, however, the additional cooling capabilities can be well worth it.

Are Kings fridges made by waeco?

Fridges might look like Waeco, might even be the same factory making them, or both Waeco and Kings source the the outside plastics from a supplier, but they arent a cheap Waeco IMO. However, regardless of what they say, or try to avoid you have avenues available to you if youre prepared to follow it through.

How long do RV refrigerators last?

So, how long do they really last and when you may have to go for either repair or replacement. RV refrigerators from known and better brands like Dometic will on an average last for 12-15 years or even more. That’s like age of a motorhome.

Should I leave my RV refrigerator on all the time?

ANSWER Hi Dale, the simple answer to your question is no, you do not have to leave your RV’s fridge running to extend its lifespan. … A good rule of thumb is to turn on your RV Refrigerator 24 hours before going camping. This gives the Refrigerator time to cool down sufficiently.

How much does a small RV refrigerator cost?

RV refrigerators are priced around 1000$ as the starting point and can go up to 3000$ for the top line models. The recurring costs, that is electricity, propane and maintenance costs will be approximately 350-400$ a year.

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Did Dometic buy waeco?

Dometic has been hiding behind the Waeco label for years, but recently Dometic, the parent brand, decided to bring their label to the forefront of these highly efficient fridges but maintained the Waeco badge for the Australian market.

Can you sit on Dometic fridge?

It is built very well. It’s not made for sitting or standing, so keep that in mind despite how rugged it is built.

Where are waeco Dometic fridges made?

The fridge/freezers themselves are made in Thailand. Dometic fridges are made in China and used to have the German “Danfoss” now known as SECOP compressor in them. The CFX range runs a new compressor deloped by the brand that is also made in China.

What brands does Dometic own?

Dometic Group has previously sold products under a variety of brand names worldwide such as Waeco, Crusair, Marine Air and Sealand. However, since 2016, the company has started to consolidate its brands making Dometic the primary one.

Is Dometic Made in USA?

“And more than 70 percent of what we produce for the RV industry is made here in the U.S.” This gives Dometic an edge in product distribution and on-time delivery, which helps separate the company from its competition.