Your question: Where can I live in my RV in BC?

The province of BC has updated its housing guidelines to clarify that recreational vehicles can count as permanent homes in an RV park or campground — and therefore those who live in them may be protected by provincial tenancy laws.

Can I live in an RV on my own property in Canada?

It’s not illegal to live out of a camper or RV in Canada. Hundreds of thousands of people do it. All you need to do is find a legal place to put it. There are lots of RV parks which will provide you with electrical, water, and sewer connections year round.

Can you live in an RV in Vancouver?

Consider living in an RV resort

On Vancouver Island there are restrictions as to how many months a person can live on their self-owned lots. This doesn’t usually apply to RV parks where a person is a tenant or guest. In the Okanagan there are lease lots and deeded lots available that can be lived on 12 months a year.

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Can you live in an RV year round in Canada?

You aren’t allowed to live in your RV year round, regional district warns. The Thompson-Nicola Regional District is cracking down on people converting campers to cabins and motorhomes to permanent homes.

Where can you park an RV in BC?

5 of the Best RV Parks in British Columbia

  • Living Forest Oceanside RV Park & Campground: Nanaimo.
  • Lamplighter Campground: Revelstoke.
  • Northern Lights RV Park: Dawson Creek.
  • Wild Rose RV Park: Hope.
  • Mountain Shadow RV Park and Campground: Iskut.


Is it illegal to live in an RV in BC?

It is prohibited, according to village bylaws, to use a tent, tent-trailer, van, RV or converted vehicle for residential use and this includes doing so on personal property. Mobile homes are only allowed in mobile home parks.

Can I live in an RV on my own property in BC?

Property owners also can’t rent out RVs as dwellings and the same rules apply to campgrounds and RV parks. “Not to say there aren’t people living in RVs in RV parks, but officially, it’s not really allowed,” Thompson said.

Can you live permanently in an RV?

As per the Department of Housing and Urban Development, RVs only have recreational, travel, or camping purposes. On the other hand, they treat manufactured housing as a permanent residence. For this reason, it has always been illegal to live in it full-time.

Can you live in an RV in Calgary?

In the Calgary area, there are only 3 that I know of. Maclean Creek, Mt. Kidd, and the one out by Airdrie on the side of the highway. Year round camper living can be done, but you need to make sure you insulate the snot out of everything.

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Can you live in an RV in winter?

RV’s especially those built in the 70’s have little to no insulation. … The key to winter RV living is blankets, flannel sheets, and slippers. Under my blankets during the night. Its super comfortable until I get out from the blankets and run to turn the thermostat on.

Why is it illegal to live full time in an RV?

The government (usually local municipalities) is the problem. They want you to build a permanent dwelling; usually a big house on your land. So the local government says it’s illegal to live in an RV permanently. … The federal government says that these are not designed for ‘permanent occupancy’.

Can you live in an RV on your property in Ontario?

You are allowed to park a house on wheels on your own property in most areas but not all. … You cannot live in an RV beside someone’s house as far as I am aware. The only exceptions are are some communities which allow you to have a garden house which is livable as long as it is movable.

Where can you camp for free in BC?

Mainland & Interior

  • Abbott Lake. Site overview: There are three campsites available at this remote location on the northeast side of Abbott Lake. …
  • Agur Lake. Site overview: There are two campsites available at this small lake west of Summerland. …
  • Aileen Lake. …
  • Alexis Lake. …
  • Allan Lake. …
  • Allendale Lake. …
  • America Creek. …
  • Andy’s Lake.

Can you park an RV at Walmart in Canada?

Note that it is prohibited to spend the night in a shopping centre parking lot in Canada. The exception to this rule is Walmart, which permits RV parking on its store lots where possible. Be sure to ask the store manager’s permission before settling in for the night.

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Are private campsites closed in BC?

Most private sector campgrounds, RV parks and lodging are open, however some will have reduced capacity to maintain physical distancing guidelines. Others may just rent to self-contained RV’s and not open their tent sites. Check the open and close dates as a number of places only operate from May to October.