Your question: Can you travel the world in a camper van?

There are several different ways to travel the world. You could fly everywhere, go by sea, backpack or take to the roads in a campervan. However, taking the trip in a campervan will give you a kind of freedom that no other mode of transport will.

Can I travel around the world in a van?

But travelling the world in a van does involve some costs. It may be cheap, but it’s certainly not free. … Some van dwellers prefer a cheap, used campervan and do some tinkering to make it cosy. Others think of the mileage as too much of a threat and prefer a new one, even if it is more expensive.

Can I live in a camper van?

Is it legal to live in a motorhome or campervan full-time? Yes – there are no UK laws stopping you from living in your motorhome, campervan or van full-time. The only requirement is that your vehicle has passed its MOT and is fully road legal.

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Where can I travel with a campervan?

5 Aussie Destinations Best Explored by Campervan

  • Esperance, WA. The white sandy beaches and bright blue waters of Esperance will take your breath away. …
  • Great Ocean Road – Melbourne to Adelaide. …
  • Tropical North Queensland. …
  • The Red Centre, Northern Territory. …
  • Tasmania – the whole kit and caboodle.

Where can I travel in a van?

“You’re way more independent and free living in a van.” He shares some favorite sites with Larry Bleiberg for USA TODAY.

  • Gunnison National Forest, Colo. …
  • Big Bend National Park, Texas. …
  • Big Sur, Calif. …
  • Acadia National Park, Maine. …
  • Vancouver Island, Canada. …
  • Alvord Desert, Ore. …
  • Grand Canyon National Park, Ariz.


Which country is best for Van life?

10 reasons why van life is the best way to travel.

Top 10 #vanlife spots in the world, according to Instagram

  1. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
  2. Los Angeles, California, United States. …
  3. Banff, Alberta, Canada. …
  4. Venice, Italy. …


How do you make money traveling in a van?

Here are some of the best remote van life jobs you can do from anywhere you have a cell signal.

  1. Sell your services on Fiverr.
  2. Start a profitable blog.
  3. Become a freelance writer.
  4. Work from your campervan as a virtual assistant.
  5. Proofread right from your van.
  6. Become a transcriptionist.

Can you live in a camper van all year round?

Can you live in a motorhome all year round? Of course, you can, if you want. However, bear in mind that in the winter, when it’s off-season for many campsites and caravan parks, finding overnight parking facilities isn’t automatically assured.

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Can you live in a camper in the winter?

Living in a travel trailer during winter can be trying, even under the best of circumstances, so you’ll want to be sure you add a few winter accessories to your packing list. … Heat tape, thermal curtains, and other items necessary for insulating your RV for winter living. A freeze-proof heated water hose. RV Skirt.

How much does it cost to live in a camper year round?

Total Monthly RV Living Costs: Ranges from $1,400 to $3,000 per month. Obviously, that’s a big gap. But there are a lot of variables, like how much you travel, where you stay (and for how long), how much your rig costs, and how much you spend on groceries/eating out/fun.

How easy is it to drive a campervan?

Driving a motorhome is easier than expected. If you are used to driving a car, and know the differences when driving a motorhome, you’ll be fine. Don’t drive too fast, and give yourself plenty of extra space. A lot of people lose perspective when driving a motorhome, which is big, wide and long.

Where should I stay in a camper van?

Where You Typically CAN Park

  • Truck Stops. Truck stops are designed specifically for large semi trucks and other vehicles to stop and park overnight. …
  • Casinos. …
  • Walmart. …
  • Schools (sometimes) …
  • RV Campgrounds. …
  • National and State Parks. …
  • City Streets. …
  • Private Property.

What is the best vehicle to travel around Australia in?

Campervans – The winner of the best car to travel around Australia. Campervans are part of a motorhome family, but they are much smaller and more economical to operate and maintain. They are very often built on a standard full-sized van chassis.

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How do you start traveling in a van?

10 Things You Should Know Before Starting Van Life

  1. Choose Your Vehicle to Suit Your Lifestyle. …
  2. Full Time or Weekend Warrior. …
  3. How Are You Going To Make Van Life Sustainable? …
  4. Know Where You Are Going To Sleep. …
  5. Know Where You Are Going To Wash. …
  6. Know Where You Are Going To Poop. …
  7. Know How You Are Going To Stay Healthy and Happy.

What is the best road trip van?

The 4 Vans to Get You Living on the Road

  • Mercedes Sprinter.
  • Ford Transit.
  • Dodge Promaster.
  • Nissan NV Cargo.


What do you need for a camper van trip?


  • Sunscreen.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Sandals – Good for campground showers and for lounging.
  • Hand sanitizer.
  • Insect repellent.
  • Laundry bag and a small container of detergent (if you’re going on a longer trip, it can be nice to do some laundry at larger campgrounds)