Who builds MCI buses?

NFI Group employs 8,900 people at more than 50 facilities in 10 countries. Its brands include New Flyer heavy-duty transit buses, MCI motorcoaches, Plaxton motorcoaches, ARBOC low-floor cutaway buses and NFI Parts. The ADL acquisition added single- and double-deck buses to the portfolio.

Who owns MCI buses?

In 1948, Greyhound Lines of Canada, at that time MCI’s major customer, became a majority shareholder when it purchased 65% of the company. MCI was purchased outright by Greyhound Lines in 1958.

How much does a new MCI bus cost?

Vouchers for New Flyer’s heavy-duty transit buses range from $120,000 to $300,000 per bus, depending on the model.

How much does an MCI coach weigh?


MCI J4500 Prevost H3-45
Latest Year Model 2017 2018
Overall Length 45.58 ft (13.89 m) 45.00 ft (13.72 m)
Overall Width 102 in (2.59 m) 102 in (2.59 m)
Gross Weight 54,000 lb (24,494 kg) 53,000 lb (24,040 kg)

What engine is in a coach bus?

MCI D-Series
Engine Detroit Diesel Series 60, Caterpillar C10, Caterpillar 3176B, Caterpillar C12, Caterpillar C13, Cummins M11, Cummins ISL, Cummins ISM, Cummins ISX, battery-electric bus
Capacity 40-foot models: 38-53 45-foot models: 50-61
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Who bought Greyhound 2020?

FirstGroup, which bought Greyhound for $3.6 billion including debt from Laidlaw International in 2007, plans to sell the bus line and spin off its UK operator First Bus to head off shareholder pressure, lifting its shares by as much as 13%.

How tall are MCI buses?

Overall Length: 40′: 40.5 ft 45′: 45.42 ft
Overall Height: 11 ft 5 in
Wheelbase: 40′: 279 in 45′: 318 in
Approximate Vehicle Weight: 40′: 33,000 lb 45′: 48,000 lb

Who makes vanhool buses?

Van Hool is an independent Belgian bus, coach and industrial vehicle manufacturer. The company, which was founded in 1947, is based in Koningshooikt, Belgium. The majority of its production is destined for Europe and America.

How long do coach buses last?

The United States. In general, most American transit systems expect their buses to have a useful life of 12 years and 250,000 miles. This time frame is due to the fact that, after their buses have been around for 12 years, they are eligible to receive replacement bus funding from the federal government.

How heavy is a motorcoach?

2: A motorcoach has a massive engine with over 500 horsepower to push the up to 54,000 pounds of weight in the vehicle.

How many feet long is a bus?

Standard City Bus

The approximate average city bus length is 14 meters, or between 35 and 45 feet. Bus width is typically between 95 and 105 inches, or 8 to 9 feet.

Is a bus a coach?

A coach (or motorcoach) is a bus used for longer-distance service, in contrast to transit buses that are typically used within a single metropolitan region. Often used for touring, intercity, and international bus service, coaches are also used for private charter for various purposes.

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What engine is in a Prevost?

The proud and proven Volvo D13 engine

Combining superior low-end performance with smooth and quiet operation, the D13 500-horsepower version will delight drivers and passengers alike. Variable geometry turbocharging ensures exceptional engine response without sacrificing fuel economy.