Which RV Surge Protector do I need?

Choosing the right RV surge protector or EMS product is pretty easy. If you have 50 amp service, buy a surge protector for 50 amp RVs. For RVers with 30 amp service, a 30 amp surge protector is sufficient.

Do I need a 30 amp or 50 amp surge protector for my RV?

If you have a 50 amp RV you should have a 50 amp RV surge protector, if you try and use a 30 amp surge protector you will only be able to use 30 amps worth of power whenever you plug it in. Some campgrounds only have 30 amp service and it’s ok to plug your 50 amp surge protector into the 30 amp outlet.

Do you need 30 amp surge protector for RV?

The lower the power supply, the less amount of voltage your RV gets. If your RV doesn’t get adequate voltage, your electric system can be significantly damaged. Even if your RV model has a feature that shuts off power during low voltage, having a surge protector is still essential to your RV’s electrical health.

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How do I know what surge protector I need?

You’ll want something at least 6-700 joules or higher. (Higher is better here.) The clamping voltage is the voltage that will trigger the surge protector—or essentially when the surge protector wakes up and starts absorbing energy. Look for something around 400 V or less.

What kind of surge protector do I need for 50 amp RV?

The Progressive Industries EMS-HW30C (30 amp surge protector) and EMS-HW50C (50 amp surge protector) are Electrical Management Systems (EMS) that offers complete electrical protection for any RV that utilizes 30 or 50 amp electrical service.

Do I need a surge protector for my RV at home?

It could be prone to power surges or the voltage could be too low. All of these things can wreak havoc on your RV’s electrical system and even fry your electronics. … It’s better to be smart and get yourself a surge protector than it is to get stuck with an RV with fried electronics.

Is a surge protector necessary for an RV?

If you own an RV, owning an RV surge protector is a must. It’s a small investment that protects all of your expensive appliances and electronics in the RV. You can’t go wrong with Progressive Industries or Southwire Surge Guards as they are both great products!

How long do RV surge protectors last?

That said, our professional advice is to replace your surge protectors every 2 years. However, you’ll want to replace your surge protector now if any of the following has occurred since the surge protector was installed: Your area has had several power outages.

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Can I plug my 50 amp RV into a 30 amp?

Yes! With an adapter, you can plug a 50-amp RV cord into a 30-amp power pedestal at a campground. The female end of the adapter will plug into your RV cord, and the male end will plug into the power pedestal.

Is 800 joules enough for a surge protector?

A unit with up to 1000 joules of surge protection is adequate for these small electronics. … A surge protector with 1000 to 2000 joules will provide sufficient protection for power tools and office equipment such as printers, copiers and routers.

What can you not put in a surge protector?

10 Things Never to Plug into a Power Strip

  • Refrigerators and Freezers. 1/11. …
  • Microwaves. 2/11. …
  • Coffee Makers. 3/11. …
  • Toasters. 4/11. …
  • Slow Cookers and Hot Plates. 5/11. …
  • Hair-Care Appliances. 6/11. …
  • Portable Heaters and Air Conditioners. 7/11. …
  • Sump Pumps. 8/11.

How many joules should a surge protector have for a TV?

This rating, given in joules, tells you how much energy the surge protector can absorb before it fails. A higher number indicates greater protection. Look for a protector that is at least rated at 200 to 400 joules. For better protection, look for a rating of 600 joules or more.

What is the difference between a surge protector and an EMS?

EMS refers to “Electrical Management System,” and it’s a product line from Progressive Industries. “Surge protector” is a more generic term for a range of devices from different companies that protect your RV’s electronics form large spikes in power. Progressive’s EMS is a surge protector.

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Do I need an EMS surge protector?

Regardless of whether you choose a portable or hardwired, we recommend getting an EMS over just a surge protector. Your RV was not cheap, and neither is replacing or repairing electrical components or appliances in your home on wheels!

Who makes surge guard?

Technical Details

Manufacturer Southwire
Brand Southwire
Item Weight 3.39 pounds
Product Dimensions 23.25 x 5.5 x 4.25 inches
Item model number 34930