Where does Megabus drop off in Baltimore?

The stop for most departures is located on 34th St between 11th Ave and 12th Ave across the street from the Javits Center. Please check your ticket for the correct departure location!

Does Megabus go to Baltimore?

Our bus to Baltimore takes you to the White Marsh Park and Ride, a short ride from either Inner Harbor or downtown Baltimore. A few of our most popular routes in Baltimore include: New York to Baltimore Bus.

How much is a bus ticket from Baltimore to New York?

How much is a bus ticket from Baltimore to New York? The average bus ticket price from Baltimore to New York is $31.50.

How much is a bus ticket from Maryland to New York?

Facts about the bus from Baltimore, MD to New York

Cheapest Bus $17.99
Latest Bus 10:15 PM
Daily Bus Routes 3 Ø
Distance 169.0 miles
Bus Companies FlixBus, OurBus, iLIKEBUS, Wanda Coach, Greyhound US, Peter Pan Bus Lines
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Is Megabus cheaper than Greyhound?

Depending on the route and when you reserve your tickets, Megabus generally provides the cheaper option. That isn’t to say that Greyhound is that much more expensive than Megabus. Greyhound can be cheaper on a lot of occasions too. But for the most part, Megabus is your guy in this department.

Is Megabus really $1?

There are only a few $1 seats on each Megabus route. Therefore, you’ll want to book your seat months in advance in order to score the lowest fare. … If you see a low fare, jump on it. The average fare on Megabus is around $20 but I hope you avoid paying even that much with these tips.

Can you fly from DC to Baltimore?

It takes about 27 minutes to fly from Washington D.C. (WAS) to Baltimore (BWI).

How long is a bus ride from New York to Maryland?

Journey Information

Distance 169 mi (273 km)
Shortest duration 3h 0m
Cheapest price $15.00
Trips per day 28
Most frequent service Greyhound

How long is a train ride from Maryland to New York?

Baltimore, MD to New York City Train Information

Avg. Train Duration 3 hours 47 minutes
Trains depart from: Baltimore, MD
Trains arrive in: New York City
Distance: 273 km
Train Companies: Amtrak

How much is the Megabus to New York?

Look no further, because megabus offers the easiest and most affordable options for traveling to New York City, with fares as low as $1*. With the money you save on bus tickets to NYC, you’ll be left with more to spend on your upcoming NYC trip.

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How much is a train ticket from New York to Maryland?

The best way to get from New York to Maryland is to train which takes 2h 16m and costs $35 – $120.

Is there a train from Maryland to New York?

Is there a direct train between Maryland and New York? Yes, there is a direct train departing from Baltimore Penn Station station and arriving at New York Moynihan Train Hall. Services depart hourly, and operate every day. The journey takes approximately 2h 15m.

How much does it cost to drive from New York to Maryland?

The total cost of driving from New York to Maryland (one-way) is $37.43 at current gas prices. The round trip cost would be $74.86 to go from New York to Maryland and back to New York again. Regular fuel costs are around $3.02 per gallon for your trip.

Why Megabus is so cheap?

So it was cheap for other reasons. First, there’s little overhead — no bus stations, no reservation agents, and all the booking is done online. Second, the fares are tiered — so they’re not all $1. If you don’t book sufficiently in advance of your trip, it will cost you more.

Does Megabus check bags?

Megabus does not check luggage or provide receipts for luggage transported on the bus by the passenger. … Passengers can also take onboard one (1) small carry-on bag that will fit in the overhead storage compartments or under the seat.

Does Megabus make stops for food?

When do the buses stop at rest stops? Sometimes on longer trips (of five hours or more), we may stop at a rest area that has access to food and additional restrooms. We encourage you to bring snacks to munch on and non-alcoholic beverages to drink during the trip.

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