What size socket is an RV water heater plug?

15/16 for the metal plug w/anode.

What size socket fits RV water heater drain plug?

Camco RV Water Heater Drain Plug and Wrench Kit – Designed for RV & Camper Water Heater Drain Plugs| Fits 7/8″ & 15/16″ Drain Plugs | Angled Design Allows You to Reach Tight Spots -(11633)

What size is the drain plug on an Atwood RV water heater?

Atwood Water Heater Drain Plug Kit. 1/2 inch. Plastic.

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What size socket do I need to remove a water heater element?

The right socket for water heater element is Drive x 1-1/2 inches socket. Designed to properly the all common size electric heater elements, this socket’s opening will snugly fit the hex end.

Are all RV anode rods the same size?

As far as RV anode rods being standard, I think they all have the same threads, but different lengths are available. I had the Atwood, since it did not need a rod, I added an electric rod heater in the drain hole.

What size socket do you need to remove an anode rod?

4 Use a ratchet wrench and 1 1/16-inch deep socket to unscrew the anode rod from the heater.

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Can you change a water heater element without draining the tank?

It is possible to change your water heater’s heating element without draining your tank.

How do you remove a stubborn water heater element?

Mix a solution of half vinegar and half water in a small cup. Dip a toothbrush into the solution and brush it between the seam of the heating element and the side of the heating tank. Apply the solution liberally, but do not allow it to drip heavily. Allow the solution to sit for 20 minutes.

Can a water heater have a plug?

Unless specifically stated by manufacturers manual, a storage type water heater can’t be cord and plug connected (per NEC). If it is allowed (most are not), it must be the correct type of flexible cable and plug (listed for that application).

How do you remove rust from an RV anode rod?

WD-40 will not loosen rusted bolts. As UCJ said, get some PB Blaster and spray it around the edges of the rod. This is great stuff and will eventually loosen it. You may have to spray it a few times and let sit to finally get it loose.