What kind of engine is in a Thomas school bus?

Gross Vehicle Weight: Up to 36,200 pounds (up to 16.4 t)
Types: SAF-T-Liner HDX
Engines: 6-cylinder (diesel and CNG)
Outputs: Up to 300 hp
Chassis: 6×2

What engine is in a Thomas school bus?

HIGH POINT, N.C. — Thomas Built Buses is now accepting orders for school buses equipped with Detroit DD5 and DD8 engines. The DD5 engine is a 5.1L in-line four-cylinder engine adapted specifically for the Thomas Built Buses Saf-T-Liner C2. It offers a 200 to 240 horsepower range and a torque range of 560 to 660 lb.

What engine does a school bus use?

95 percent of all school buses in America are powered by diesel engines because of their reliability, durability and safety. Over half of these (54 percent) rely on the cleanest, near-zero emission diesel engine technology.

What diesel engine does a school bus have?

Torque — and Why it Matters for School Buses

200-300 HP 200-240 HP
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What size Cummins engine is in a school bus?

The Cummins 5.9 liter is the same diesel engine that is used in the Dodge Ram pick-up truck. (Just like the Ford 7.3 liter PSD shares components with the International T444E, which is also a 7.3 liter V-8 diesel.) In my opinion, the 5.9 liter Cummins diesel is too small for a full-size school bus.

How many miles can a diesel bus last?

While gasoline costs per gallon typically are lower than those of clean-diesel, gasoline is less efficient compared to diesel. On average, a clean-diesel school bus can travel about 510 miles on a tank of diesel vs. only 270 miles on gasoline, based on the same standard-sized fuel tanks.

What is a Thomas High top bus?

Curb weight. GVWR Up to 36,200 pounds (16,400 kg) (HDX) The Thomas Saf-T-Liner is the name of the transit-style (Type D) school bus product line produced by Thomas Built Buses. Introduced in 1978, the Saf-T-Liner marked the transition to in-house chassis production by Thomas.

Is diesel cleaner than gas?

But the fact remains that diesels are more efficient than gasoline engines—and according to one recent study, newer models are cleaner, except for their higher emissions of nitrogen oxides. … A diesel engine can also usually run twice as long as a gasoline engine before demanding serious service.

What is the fastest a school bus can go?

By law, school buses must travel “at a safe rate of speed, consistent with the volume of traffic, intersections, curves, railway crossings and any other condition requiring special caution.” The law sets the maximum speed for school buses at 50 mph on divided, limited access highways and 40 mph on all other highways, “ …

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How does bus engine work?

Diesel engines work by compressing only the air. This increases the air temperature inside the cylinder to such a high degree that atomised diesel fuel injected into the combustion chamber ignites spontaneously.

What is the best school bus engine?

Cummins 8.3

These engines are great—reliable and able to support the more considerable weight of a full-sized skoolie build-out. It’s rare to find them in smaller buses, but they’re an excellent engine. One of the best engine options for full-sized skoolies. Rarely found in smaller or mid-sized school buses.

What motor is in a Blue Bird bus?


Engine Configuration Fuel
Ford Modular (Triton) V10 6.8 L (413 cu in) SOHC V10 Propane/LPG (2012–2021) Gasoline (2016–2021) Compressed Natural Gas (2016–2021)
Ford Godzilla V8 7.3 L (445 cu in) OHV V8 Propane/LPG Gasoline
TM4 SUMO Electric motor 315 hp 2400 lb-ft torque Electric power

Do school buses use def?

If your operation’s shop routinely services diesel-equipped school buses and other diesel-powered vehicles, you may be aware of the use of DEF (diesel exhaust fluid). … DEF dosing is controlled by the engine’s ECU. When heated, DEF splits into ammonia and carbon dioxide, which is then atomized and vaporized.

How many cylinders are in a school bus engine?

Six, eight, or possibly ten, depending on the specific bus.

How much horsepower does a bus have UK?

The de-rated Cummins L10 engines delivers 180-Hp. Current London d/d buses are powered by a variety of engines such as the Cummins 6.7-litre 6BTA and the Volvo 7-litre engines, with diesel-electric (with battery) and the BYD battery-electric buses now entering service.

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How many cylinders does a school bus engine have?

Diesel Bus Engine, 6 Horizontal Cylinder Configuration, Direct Injection. This cut-away is the engine of a diesel bus with 6-cylinder horizon configuration and direct injection.