Quick Answer: Where do you put clothes in an RV?

Lots of options exist for storing folded clothes like shoe boxes or shoe organizers, both hanging and shelves. If there is space for a slim headboard behind your RV’s bed, make sure it’s a headboard with storage. If there’s space underneath the bed, this can also be used for clothing.

How do you organize clothes in an RV?

  1. Before you Begin… …
  2. 1) Learn to Fold your Clothes Smaller.
  3. 2) Put a Hanging Shelf in your Closet.
  4. 3) Folding Rod to Hang Clothes.
  5. 4) Use the Back of the Bedroom Door.
  6. 5) Use a Hanging Shoe Organizer (to organize lots of stuff)
  7. 6) Plastic 3-Drawer Organizer.
  8. 7) Use Drawer Dividing Baskets.

How do I get more closet space in my RV?

Organise Your RV Closet with Plastic Drawers

Adding plastic drawers to the closet area are a quick and easy way to give you more places to store your clothes. This is especially great if you have a tall closet and you’re not using the space at the bottom. You can buy so many different types of light weight drawers.

How do you keep a hanger from falling in an RV?

Depending on the witdth of the closet you can simply put either an expanding shower curtain or one of the camco fridge expanding rods in the shorter closets just above the hangers. This keeps the hangers from bouncing up and down and can be removed easily when you arrive.

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How do RVS save space?

24 Easy RV Organization Tips

  1. #1 – Install an under-cabinet paper plate dispenser. …
  2. #2 – Install an over-the-cabinet-door trash can. …
  3. #3 – Try this homemade PVC-under-RV storage solution. …
  4. #4 – Store your cutting board under a cabinet with magnets. …
  5. #5 – Spend a few bucks on a compact 24-bottle pull-out spice drawer.

How do I store my RV?

10 Can’t Miss Tips for Storing Your New RV

  1. Where to Store? This may seem like an obvious answer … …
  2. Clean it Up. It may seem counterproductive, but before you store it, give your RV a good wash and wax. …
  3. Keep the Air Flowing. Make sure you have good ventilation. …
  4. Let the Light In. …
  5. Retract. …
  6. Keep Pests Out. …
  7. Power Down. …
  8. Drain it Dry.


How do you store toys in an RV?

Peg Board. A peg board hung on a wall can hold baskets of all shapes and sizes. These are great for storing and organizing small toys as well as craft supplies. Best of all, you won’t be using any precious cabinet space.

How do you store towels in a camper?

An over-door towel rack is a wonderful way to hang wet towels in your RV bathroom. These sturdy hooks are heavy-duty enough to hold towels, robes, shower caps, or anything else you might want to store and keep off the floor.

How do you store camper bedding?

Camper Winterization Tips

  1. All blankets and pillows are stored in plastic bins, either in the camper or in our basement;
  2. We remove any curtains, like the kids’ bunk curtains, that we can and store them in plastic bins; the rest of the curtains we open up so that the bugs don’t try to crawl into the “warm” creases;
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