Question: How do you secure a camper?

How do I keep my travel trailer from being stolen?

How to Prevent RV Theft

  1. Place and Lock the X-chocks (X stabilizers on Wheels) …
  2. Get And Use Tire Boot Locks. …
  3. Use Hitch Locks (For Travel Trailers and 5th Wheels) …
  4. Use Steering Wheel Locks (For Motorhomes) …
  5. Avoid Leaving RV Unattended in High-Crime Areas. …
  6. Don’t Leave Valuables Inside the RV.


How can I make my camper more secure?

Here are 5 simple tips to help you make smart decisions about increasing the security of your RV.

  1. Change Your Direction. Most people back into their campground site. …
  2. Beef Up Your Locks. Houses have doors with security bolts. …
  3. Leave Temptation Behind. This one seems pretty obvious. …
  4. Install Security. …
  5. Cover Your Boot.

How do you anchor a camper?

Try using your RVs stabilizing jacks, wheel chocks, tire cradles, or even mobile home anchors. Some RVs have built-in stabilizing jacks that can be deployed in high-winds. If you don’t have that option, several RV anchoring options are available on Amazon and other eCommerce sites.

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What is the best anti-theft lock for travel trailers?

Our top pick for the best trailer wheel lock is the Zento Deals 2-Pack Heavy-Duty Anti-Theft Vehicle Wheel Lock. These clamp-style wheel locks come with four keys total so you can rest assured your ride is secure. The OxGord Heavy-Duty Wheel Lock won our pick for the best value.

How common is travel trailer theft?

As of 2017, RVs and similar trailers were considered the 4th most common vehicle type to be stolen and accounted for 6% of stolen vehicles. Though the Construction Theft Recovery Report has not put out a more recent report, it’s safe to assume that RVs are still up there.

Do people steal RV trailers?

Camping trailers and RVs can be easy targets for thieves, as they can just drive away with not only with the valuables inside, but your trailer as well. RV crime is increasing and it’s becoming a serious concern for those who travel with their campers and trailers every year.

Are travel trailers easy to break into?

So that leads to one of the biggest questions with RVs, are RVs easy to break into? While RV break ins do happen they’re relatively uncommon and by taking some basic precautions you can drastically reduce the chance of ever having to deal with an RV break in.

Is it easy to break into a camper?

Some parts of your camper are easier to break into than others. Thieves will target these areas, as they tend to be the most vulnerable. Make sure you implement extra security around these parts of your RV.

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How do you secure a camper in high winds?

How to feel safer in heavy winds

  1. Point the front of the RV into the oncoming wind (just as you do when driving down the highway). …
  2. Retract patio awnings.
  3. Stay hitched up if you haul a trailer or fifth-wheel. …
  4. If your RV has air bags, release the air to create more contact with your tow vehicle or chassis.


How much wind can a RV withstand?

Winds as low as 10 miles per hour can affect a moving RV, making it hazardous to drive. When parked, most RVs can withstand winds up to 75 mph (120 km/h) without tipping over.

How do you secure a camper during a hurricane?

As a principle, never leave your RV on low lying ground, especially if you live in areas prone to hurricanes or floods. If you know inclement weather is on its way, secure your RV by tying it down with an RV hurricane strap kit.

What do thieves do with stolen trailers?

Most thieves steal these items, because they are hard to trace and thieves can quickly and easily turn them into cash. Thieves can sell your trailer (or what was your trailer) in states that do not require a title at the time of sale, and they can sell your tools from the trailer at a pawn shop in another city.

What is the best lock for a trailer?

Best Trailer Hitch Locks Reviews & Recommendations 2020

  • Best Overall. Master Lock Universal Size Trailer Locks. …
  • Best Value. Cocoweb Chrome C-Lock Heavy Duty Locking Hitch Pin. …
  • Best Heavy Duty. Reese Towpower Universal Coupler Lock. …
  • Best Universal Fit. …
  • Most User Friendly.
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