How do I cancel a SETC bus ticket?

Logon to official website of SETC, put the PNR number and then take print of your ticket. Yes, you may cancel your reservation and get refunds in your transaction account/debit card/credit card. If you opt for reservation cancellation, cancellation fee is applicable and same will be adjusted in your refund amount.

How can I cancel my SETC ticket online?

In respect of cancellations, refunds applicable will be made to the concerned Credit card / Internet banking account only. TNSTC Bus tickets can also be booked through Cancellation of e-tickets is only allowed One hour before the schedule departure of the Service.

How do I cancel my Tnstc ticket?

If you have not received your ticket to the mail id you provided, we have flexibility that you will receive a message directly to your mobile from TNSTC.IN immediately after booking ticket, you can give the PNR Number in website and you can take a printout. Can I cancel the ticket? Yes.

How do I get a refund from SETC?

“In case of any service was cancelled by TNSTC’s due to unavoidable circumstances and no alternate service was operated in place of the Cancelled services, then the passengers reserved in that particular service can get the refund (after deducting applicable service fee) by sending a refund claim letter to the …

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How do I cancel a bus ticket online?

Log in to the Member Account. Choose the cancellable trip by clicking on “Manage” to manage the trip. If the trip is cancellable, you will see an option to “Cancel Booking”. Choose “Cancel Booking” if you want to cancel the booking.

How much money is refunded on cancellation of bus ticket?


Time period in which the cancellation is made Charges
45 days or more, prior to departure Booking fees
Between 44 and 31 days of departure 25% of Tour Cost
Between 30 and 15 days of departure 50% of Tour Cost
Between 14 and 8 days of departure 75% of Tour Cost

What is Ultra Deluxe is in SETC?

Ultra Deluxe service is a non air conditioned service of SETC with Push Back Seater facility. The coach used for the service will be having features such as listed below. Air Suspension Chassis for additional travel comfort. Cabin and Passenger separation to avoid engine noise.

Can I cancel Gsrtc ticket?

Cancellation Charges:

2-5 Days cancellation charges 20 % of basic fare. 6-60 Days cancellation charges 15 % of basic fare. No Refunds are applicable for Current Booking Transactions. No cancellation will be allowed (Advance Booking / Current Booking) after departure of bus from original place.

How can I recover my SETC password?

Forgot Password

Please enter your User Name and e-mail. New Password will be emailed to the above e-mail address provided.

What is partial cancellation in SETC?

Partial cancellations are not allowed in respect of e-Ticket / Mobile Tickets. Tickets booked through e-Ticket / Mobile Tickets will be allowed for cancellation before Four hours of the scheduled departure.

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How much luggage is allowed in bus in Tamilnadu?

Every passenger is allowed to carry luggage (all inclusive) free of cost to an extent of 30 kgs in case of adult and 15 kgs in case of chargeable child.

How do I become a Tnstc driver?

Candidates must possess their bachelor’s or Master’s degree according to their post preference from any recognized board. Valid Driving License for Bus Driver Posts. Check official notification for more prescribed details regarding education qualification.

Is it possible to cancel a bus ticket?

Important: No change or refund is possible within 15 minutes of the scheduled departure time, or after departure time, and such tickets, if unused, are subject to cancellation with a 100% cancellation fee.

How can I reschedule my bus ticket online?

Log in to the Member Account. Choose the reschedulable trip by clicking on “Manage” to manage the trip. If the trip is reschedulable, you will see an option to “Reschedule Booking” if you want to reschedule booking.

How do I print a bus ticket from Easybook?

If you do not receive the email, you may login to membership => view booking history => select departure date, click invoice to print it out. You are encouraged to print out the order summary to speed up check-in beside showing your ID.